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Meeting Notes

January 11, 2011

August 12, 13 2010

May 4, 2010

Attendees: Alex, Dave, J2, JC, Kilian, Nicole, Steve, Wendy, Yang

  • Discussions where focused on the Superbuild.
    • A Slicer3.6 branch has been created, Slicer4 branch can now be merged into the trunk.
  • Because of the recent official move from VTK CVS to VTK GIT, the new policy doesn't allow writing access of the CVS repository of VTK. But Slicer needs special fixes that are not in the 5.6 VTK release, Dave suggested to backport some fixes into VTK CVS.
  • Steve brought the topic that dashboard machines should submit on Slicer 3.6 or Slicer4. We need a way to support dashboard subprojects.

April 20, 2010

Attendees: Alex, J2, JC, Kilian, Nicole, Ron, Steve, Yang

  • As the focus is mainly on the 3.6 release of Slicer, very few feedback on the port can been done.
  • JC announced that most of the widgets have been moved to CTK
  • Presentation of the work done on a color transfer function widget by J2
    • Some nice-to-have features have been suggested by Steve (Osirix), Ron validated the interest.
  • Preliminary discussion about the involvement of Nokia at the Project week

April 6, 2010

Attendees: Alex, J2, Kilian, Nicole, Ron, Steve, Wendy

  • Discussion about the conversion of the tcl dialogs into Qt.
    • Wendy and Steve said that the support for XCede is not a priority
    • Wendy added that only the new version of XNat shall be supported
  • Kilian reminded that there is still no way to make nightly build with Qt.

March 23, 2010

Attendees: Dave, J2, JC, Kilian, Nicole, Steve

  • Discussion about Slicer4
    • As the Slicer3.6 release is coming soon, solutions to keep committing Qt stuff without impacting the release has been discussed
    • The outcome of the discussion is reported in the Slicer4 dedicated wiki page
  • Nightly build with Qt
    • Kilian asked for a way to create nightly builds.
    • Solution: cd Slicer3-build; make package

March 9, 2010

No meeting due to the participation of the CTK Hackfest.

February 23, 2010

Attendees: Andras, J2, JC, Nicole, Steve

  • Icons in Qt Designer
    • Nicole on behalf of Kilian/Yang reported the need of icons for custom widgets in Qt Designer
    • Steve mentioned the "KWWidget tour", a nice tool to discover the KWWidgets. Maybe we could have it for the custom Qt widgets...
  • PythonQt integration
    • JC presented his work on the integration of PythonQt into Qt
    • Steve asked for a full wrapping of the Qt library
    • A feature to dynamically set the UI using Python has been mentioned
  • Preparation for the CTK hackfest
    • Steve expressed the wish to work on DICOM widgets
    • Move the CTK widgets (currently in Slicer) in a separate repository (git vs. subversion)
  • Flexible layout, 1+ modules visible at a time
    • Andras let us know his interest for the 2 issues. The need for a dockable rendering view has been confirmed. Andras wishes to move a render view from one screen to the other.

February 09, 2010

Attendees: Alex, J2, JC, Nicole, Steve, Wendy,

  • Flexible Layout
    • Reporter: Andrey
    • The need of a more flexible is real. We discussed different ways to change the layout dynamically. Split vertically, horizontally or using tabs have been mentioned.
    • While the implementation will be in Qt, it's a feature request, and can't be considered as part of the port to Qt.
  • 2 modules visible at the same time
    • Reporter: Kilian
    • The request has been accepted. The exact behavior to use has not been totally determined.
    • Some ideas have been globally accepted:
      • A module can only be instantiated (visible) once (limited by singletons that probably don't handle well two instances of the same module).
      • Modules can be displayed in place of views. A module is a kind of view.
  • Unique widget to set a parameter
    • Reporter: Steve
    • Can be based on qCTKSliderSpinBoxWidget (use that widget for the moment)
    • Need a tracking property: when ON: as soon as the slider is moved, the valueChanged signal is emitted. when OFF: as soon as the slider is moved, the valueIsChanging signal is emitted, valueChanged is emitted only when the user release the slider.
    • Handling min/max: need to think of ways of having large range, dynamic ranges, no range...
    • have super mode for advanced user
  • Templates for modules
    • Reporter: Alex
    • There is a need for a template module so that developers can start to write their own modules based on a module
    • the Tractography module seems to correspond to a good example.
    • More work will be done to clean the module to make it as an example
  • Style and naming conventions
    • Reporter: Alex
    • We agreed that the style should depend of the superclass style
    • We will be dependent of the style of qCTK as most of the classes derive from the library.
    • We'll have to think more about it
  • General Coding issues
    • Reporter: Alex
    • We went through the code of the tractography module widget, and raised questions of what should be into the public API, what should be hidden. The wrapping of classes plays an important role into the definition of API.

January 26, 2010

Attendees: Kilian, Yong, J2, Luis, Nicole, Alex

  • Widget request: Need of a button with an arrow that popups a menu
    • The feature already exists in Qt: QPushButton::setMenu(). However a new widget should wrap the feature in a more user-friendly way (a different look&feel + controllable from the Designer if possible).
  • qCTKSlicerSpinBox: Bug: Range 0.->1. with step 0.1 is not possible (fixed)
  • Doxygen documentation: Qt classes still have old style comments. JC should apply Nicole's script on the Qt classes
  • On CDash, the doxygen page link is broken (fixed)
  • Module Logic: use vtkSlicerLogic instead of qSlicerModuleLogic.(see the discussion)

October 20, 2009

Attendees: J2, JC, Will, Steve Pieper, Nicole, Wendy, Seb

  • J2 is adding basic widgets, necessary before going too far (wait on modules)
  • Compilation on Mac (not quite yet, VTK CVS head needed)
  • Basic grouping widgets (containers that collapse)
    • KWFrameWithLabel not prominent enough
    • Module frame is noticeable
  • Discussed dockable modules (hide the dockable option)
  • Is it possible to switch GUI panel from left side to right side?
  • Groupbox widget collapse button locations (seems to be inconsistent)
  • Discussion about Git / gGittorious
  • Use standard warning / error dialogues; report to the user in a consistent fashion
  • Check-box inversion (on the left versus right)

September 16,17 2009

Summary of the meeting