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The basic goal of the project is to replace the current KWWidgets-based GUI with Qt. It is anticipated that the following benefits will result:

  1. Better support for Qt versus KWWidgets. This includes:
    1. Community support (more developers and users)
    2. Programming reference and training materials
    3. Design tools (e.g., Qt Designer)
  2. Qt has advanced programming constructs (e.g., signals and slots)
  3. Qt has advanced capabilities (e.g., charting, widgets, SQL interface, etc.)
  4. Increased (Slicer) application modularity



  • Julien Finet aka J2 (Kitware)
  • Jean-Christophe Fillon-Robin aka JC (Kitware)
  • Stephen Aylward aka Muscles (Kitware)
  • Will Schroeder aka Elvis (Kitware)
  • Steve Pieper (Isomics)
  • Wendy Plesniak (Harvard)
  • Sebastien Barre aka Seb (Kitware)


The following lists notes, presentations and pointers to source code and other materials relevant to this effort.

Open Discussions A list of points to discuss.

Meeting Notes A running summary of meeting notes.

Presentation Materials A collection of presentation materials such as PowerPoint, PDF and other documents.

Image Gallery A collection of screenshots.

Tutorials A collection of tutorials for the QT developers.

Releases A listing of all the releases of the port of Slicer to Qt.

Fun facts Funny facts concerning Slicer 4