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Uploading Documents and Images

Typically when a file is uploaded, two items need to be taken care of - the file should be uploaded, and a link should be provided to that file from one of the wiki pages.

Uploading File

To upload a file, click on the Upload file link in the toolbox below the search box in the left hand column of this screen. Please read the instructions on this page carefully.

  • select the file to upload by pressing the Browse... button and finding the file in your folders
  • please do not upload any documents that can not be shared with participants in the AMIGO/IGT U41 project.
  • press the Upload File button and wait for it to complete
  • note that if the filename has special characters (such as spaces), these will get replaced by other characters (such as _) by mediawiki.
  • if you look at the instructions from the upload screen, it will tell you how to refer to this uploaded document in the wiki

Linking Uploaded File to a wiki page

Let's say you just successfully uploaded a document called Document_2006.doc to the wiki. There are two ways to link this document to a wiki page:

  • Insert the text
 Here is the [[Image:Document_2006.doc]] that I just uploaded. 

which will result in:

Here is the File:Document 2006.doc that I just uploaded.

And when you click on the document link, you will get a page that contains a url for the document, as well as its history. To view the document, you will need to click on the url for the document itself. (As with other links, if this one is red, it means that the document does not exist i.e. you need to make sure that the file was successfully loaded and that you have typed the correct name above.)

  • An alternative is to insert the text
 Here is the [[media:Document_2006.doc]] that I just uploaded. 

which will result in the same appearance on the page as above, but when you click on the document link, you will automatically start downloading the document (i.e. skip the page that contains the url to the document as well as its history).