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Table of Contents

If a page contains four or more sections, a table of contents will be automatically generated above the first section heading. If you would like to have a table of contents with less than four sections, or to have it appear in a different part of the page than the default location, just add the directive __TOC__ where you want the table to appear.

Sometimes it is not desirable to have a table of contents, and in those cases, the directive __NOTOC__ can be added in a separate line to the page. (In this page, this directive has been used to suppress the table of contents).

Sections and Subsections

Sections and subsections can be created in a page using varying number of equal-to signs (=) to bound lines of text. For example, the following text creates the shown sections/subsections:


=Section A=
==Section A.1==
==Section A.2==
=Section B=
==Section B.1==
===Section B.1.1===
===Section B.1.2===
==Section B.2==
=Section C=

Section A

Section A.1

Section A.2

Section B

Section B.1

Section B.1.1

Section B.1.2

Section B.2

Section C