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For the stable Slicer documentation, visit the 4.10 page.


How to create a wiki account ?

See Create user account

How to list all wiki users ?

See Users List

Moderator: How to review and approve a wiki account request ?

Prerequisites: To be notified by email each time a user account request is created, you should belong to the Administrators group.

Review the email and update the account request:

  1. If this is clearly spam, mark as Spam.
  2. If you have doubt, mark as Hold and forward the email to other administrator asking for clarification.
  3. If you know the person, mark as Accept to approve the request.


  • If an account is legitimate (thus approved), but there is some content that is explicitly or generally frowned upon (e.g. promotional copy) in the bio, then the reviewer/approver should make an edit to the user page with an explanation. The bio is plain text in the form.
  • Was your Biography (submitted in your original account request) not included in your User page? You can see/retrieve bios at Special:UserCredentials
  • We require a 50 word Biography in the account sign-up process to help us determine the authenticity and identity of the request.