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Introduction and Acknowledgements

  • Authors: Andras Lasso (PerkLab), Steve Pieper (Isomics), Adam Rankin (Robarts), Matthew Jolley (CHOP)
  • Contacts:
    • Andras Lasso, <email></email>
    • Matthew Jolley, <email></email>
  • Website:
  • License: Slicer license
  • Download/install: install 3D Slicer, start 3D Slicer, open the Extension Manager, install the Sequences and SlicerHeart extensions

Extension Description

SlicerHeart Logo 128x128.png

  • SlicerHeart extension contains modules useful for cardiac analysis and intervention planning and guidance
  • The extension is under development and currently includes the following features:
    • Fixing and importing of Philips 4D ultrasound images
    • Tool for visualization of heart valves


  • Philips 4D US DICOM patcher
  • DICOM import plugin for ultrasound
  • Valve view: basic module for viewing a valve using a two rotating orthogonal views

Use Cases

Visualization of 4D ultrasound image

Similar Extensions

Information for Developers