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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Author: Francois Budin
Contributors: Casey Goodlett (Kitware), Aditya Gupta (NIRAL, University Of North Carolina), Clement Vachet (SCI Institute, University of Utah), Francois Budin (NIRAL, University of North Carolina), Guido Gerig (SCI Institute, University of Utah), Hans Johnson (University of Iowa), Martin Styner (NIRAL, University Of North Carolina), Sylvain Gouttard (SCI Institute, University of Utah), Yundi Shi (NIRAL, University of North Carolina), Zhexing Liu (NIRAL, University of North Carolina)
Contact: Francois Budin, <email></email>
License: Apache License, Version 2.0

Extension Description

DTIProcess is a DTI processing and analysis toolkit developed in UNC and University of Utah. Tools in this toolkit include:

  • dtiestim (in Diffusion/Diffusion Weighted Images): tool that takes in a set of DWIs in nrrd format and estimates a tensor field out of it. It also has many useful options.
  • dtiprocess (in Diffusion/Diffusion Tensor Images): tool that handles tensor fields
  • dtiaverage (in Diffusion/Diffusion Tensor Images/CommandLineOnly): program that allows to compute the average of an arbitrary number of tensor fields. This tools should be used in a command line.
  • fiberprocess (in Diffusion/Tractography): tool that manage fiber files extracted from the fibertrack tool or any fiber tracking algorithm
  • fiberstats (in Diffusion/Tractography/CommandLineOnly): program that prints out some statistics computed on a fiber bundle. This tools should be used in a command line.


  • maxcurvature, scalartransform and fibertrack are not packaged anymore as part of the DTIProcess Slicer extension. Those tools are not maintained anymore.


Deprecated tools (used to be part of this package)

Use Cases

Similar Extensions


Information for Developers

More information as well as the source code can found on the project webpage: