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File formats supported by Slicer 4.1

Format File Name Extensions Read Write Module
Scenes Data
MRML .mrml yes yes Data Model
Raster Images
this includes 2D and 3D images, and more complicated types such as DWI or DTI
DICOM .dcm ... yes[1] no[2] DICOM, DICOMToNRRDConverter, CreateDICOMSeries
NRRD .nrrd, .nhdr yes yes
MetaImage .mhd, .mha yes yes
VTK .vtk yes yes
Analyze .hdr, .img, .img.gz yes yes
NifTI .nia, .nii, .nii.gz yes yes
BMP .bmp yes yes
BioRad .pic yes yes
Brains2 .mask yes yes
GIPL .gipl .gipl.gz yes yes
JPEG .jpg, .jpeg yes yes
LSM .lsm yes yes
PNG .png yes yes
Stimulate .spr yes yes
TIFF .tif, .tiff yes yes
MGH-NMR .mgz yes yes
Models Models
VTK Polygonal Data .vtk yes yes
VTK XML Polygonal Data .vtp yes yes
STL .stl yes yes
OBJ .obj yes no
Others (to be tested) .g, .byu, .orig, .inflated, .sphere, .white, .smoothwm, .pial yes no
Fiducials Annotations
CSV .fcsv yes yes
Text .txt yes yes
Transforms Transforms
Transform .tfm, .mat yes yes
Text .txt yes yes
Transfer Functions Volume Rendering
Volume Rendering properties .vp yes yes
Text .txt yes yes
Lookup tables Colors
Text .txt, .ctbl yes yes
Double Arrays
CSV .csv yes yes
  1. For a number of dMRI formats we recommend use of the DICOM to NRRD converter before loading the data into Slicer.
  2. Limited support for writing image volumes in DICOM format is provided by the Create DICOM Series module