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To discuss

  • Schedule for the next release

From Andras:

The main question is when to release the next stable version. RSNA seems to be a bit late:

1. We would need a solid version for MICCAI (Sep 9), it would be nice to do it with a “stable” 
version than a hand-picked nightly,

2. We may not want to delay Qt5/VTK8 migration until November.
Starting to stabilize the nightly now (fix important errors, refrain from integrating risky changes), 
releasing a stable version by the end of August (before MICCAI), and create releases as needed (before RSNA) would make sense.


  • Update versioning scheme:
    • 4.7 -> current dev
    • 4.8 -> release
      • slicer-4.8 -> maintenance branch for 4.8 release
    • 4.9 -> +1 dev
    • 5.0 -> +1 release
      • slicer-5.0 -> maintenance branch for 5.0 release
    • 5.1 -> +2 dev

  • Use of backlog target release in mantis: We associate it with non critical issues
  • Transitioning issues to GitHub:
    • We wouldn't need to migrate the issues
    • Issue would be migrated as needed

Action items:

  • announce release on discourse: will be in "release" mode. Avoid major "breaking" changes