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To Discuss

  • Use of GDCM vs DCMTK in Slicer
  • Definitive transition from mailing list to discourse


  • on GitHub
    • It makes sense to store website on GitHub and have it served from Digital Ocean (or legacy server)
    • Waiting final transition to server is done, cronjob
  • ITK: What ITK should create ?
    • Thin wrapper around DCMTK
    • Default behavior: if context is not known. Secondary capture seems to be the only valid approach.
    • Moving toward consolidating tool around DCMTK
    • Anonymization: David Clunie has implementation in Java. See
    • vtk-dicom from David Gobbi is nice. Issue is that it introduces dependency on VTK for tools that wouldn't require it (e.g CLI) + VTK doesn't handle orientation (by default) in its core image data structure
    • DCMTK: currently support only to create secondary capture
    • DCMQI: support to create seg object
  • Public repo with collection of DICOM
    • During last project week, discussed use of IPFS to store medical test data (DICOM, ...)
    • Stored at MIT, Bremen, Standford, ...
    • You can contribute without being the central server
    • It is easy to start an IPFS server .. but required to throttle the network to avoid full use of network
    • IPFS vs WebTorrent:
      • WebTorrent is javascript implementation and require a tab open
      • IPFS: Distributed hash table of encrypted chunk of data