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To Discuss

Maintenance of module and extension documentation. See

Currently, the script is used to automatically create the listing of Slicer modules and extensions available on the Slicer wiki user documentation.

The creation of the listing is a two-step process:

  • Step 1: On each factory (Linux, MacOSX, Windows):
    • the list of modules built in every extension is generated
    • Slicer is started to find out which modules can be loaded successfully into Slicer, the list of modules (as associated metadata) is then published into a github repository:
  • Step 2: Creation of consolidated listing of modules and extensions by downloading the metadata generated in the previous step and downloading the associated list of extension description files.

Discuss the hosting of doxygen files.


  • Difficult to find information as it appears multiple time on the same page
  • Middle column should be manually organized
  • Automatic generation of subpage
  • List of broken extension: Do not belong to the wiki: Write a test listing broken extensions, could be added to the developer tools
  • One button, install all extensions, generate report
  • Re-generate the listing to get baseline for manual maintenance
  • Module name or extension have spaces
  • Generate documentation from source code
  • Extension listing -> point to the extension manager
  • RST
    • flexible
    • readthedocs