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To Discuss

  • Transition to Python 3
  • Versioning scheme


  • Regarding 4.6 release: this week Jc will be working on updating documentation and finalizing the announcement
  • New factory machines: After some hiccups, the new machines have finally been order and should be available in the next few weeks.


  • New factory machines:
    • Nightly build for Ubuntu 16.10
  • Transition to Python 3
    • Most of the scientific package seems to build with 3.5 (e.g OpenCV supports it)
    • Check if 2to3 tool updates from old to new style class: Look like the tool doesn't support it. It will be manual step.
    • Most of the work will be related to PythonQt and NumPy
  • Plan for the transition to C++11 (or even C++14)