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To Discuss

Topics from Andrey, Steve, and Nicole regarding QIICR use cases that have recently broken:

1) failure to properly handle multiple dependencies: [1] - blocker for mpReview users

2) changes in slicer module imports - [2] - courtesy email from Andras below:

Begin forwarded message:
From: Andras Lasso <>
Subject: RE: Scripted modules using slicer.module* namespace need to be updated
Date: May 30, 2016 at 5:39:28 PM EDT
To: "'Andriy Fedorov ('" <>
FYI, these extensions are very likely impacted:
·         Reporting
·         PETTumorSegmentation
·         LongitudinalPETCT

3) Mitigation of bug tracker spam:

Earlier today, a group of highlight motivated spammers manually created account on VTK and CMake issue trackers, and started to manually create 10th of issues with incomprehensible title and contents.

As a proactive measure, I suggest we:

* disable automatic approval of mantis account creation 
* allow any user with developer access to approve account request

Let me know if that sound reasonable and I will share this plan with the Slicer developer list, 


  • Discussed progress at the hackfest. Considered the pure javascript dicom io and related interoperability projects.


  • Jc will look at issue #1 this afternoon.
  • Issue #2 is related to startup time optimization. The slicer.module* style of access meant that there was a duplication of entry points and that meant extra overhead and slower performance.