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To discuss

From Marianna via Nicole:

  • Models module GUI 2163
    • problems with clicking/selecting/highlighting (especially toggle of visibility)
    • expand/collapse on Qt tree not always synching with Expanded flag on hierarchy node
    • drag/drop versus auto expand of the tree widget
      • viewing the hierarchy is only possible in a small window. Very difficult to see complex hierarchies


  • Julien will look at the Models module issues
  • Colors module will stay out of GUI for now (put more priority on the Markups module)
  • There were still some issues with CUDA - Julien to communicate back with Elvis.
  • The group reviewed more of the roadmap bugs for the 4.2 release

- 0002380: [Base Code] Transforms module issue: display of translation component when values exceed default max values (jcfr) - assigned. - 0002373: [Extensions] SkullStripper is available in the Extensions Manager but can NOT be installed (jcfr) - assigned. - 0002371: [Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update factory ITKv4 nightly script to enable packaging (crmullin) - assigned. - 0002372: [Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Coordinate ITKv4 packaging with maintainer of (crmullin) - assigned. - 0001455: [Command Line Modules (Modules/CLI)] Launching CLI modules from command line (jcfr) - assigned. - 0002349: [Extensions] No output is submitted to the dashboard if a module generic test fails (crmullin) - assigned. - 0002370: [Documentation & Wiki] Document Slicer factory organization (crmullin) - assigned. - 0002365: [Extensions] ExtensionsIndex workflow improvments (jcfr) - assigned. - 0001838: [Module DICOM] Viewing DICOM header info. (assign to Steve Pieper) (pieper) - assigned. - 0001670: [Usability] Add "copy CTRL+C", "cut CTRL+X" and "paste CTRL+V" in Edit menu bar (crmullin) - assigned. - 0001537: [Base Code] Exit from tcl adapter causes seg fault when exiting program (finetjul) - assigned. - 0002343: [Base Code] Implement last test in qMRMLColorPickerWidgetTest2 (finetjul) - assigned. - 0002340: [Base Code] Option "autoLevel" and "interpolate" are not considered in vtkSlicerVolumesLogic::AddArchetypeVolume (alexy) - assigned. - 0002339: [Base Code] Option "singleFile" and "useOrientationFromFile" are not considered in vtkSlicerVolumesLogic::AddHeaderVolume (alexy) - assigned. - 0002334: [Extensions] Differentiate different type of extenions in extension manager: Concept of channel (jcfr) - assigned. - 0002335: [Extensions] Add support for tutorial URL (jcfr) - assigned. - 0002333: [Extensions] Ensure scroll bar is displayed in Extensions Manager dialog (jcfr) - assigned. - 0001446: [Module Annotations] Screenshot: option to save immediately (nicole) - assigned. - 0002328: [Command Line Modules (Modules/CLI)] Extend command line executable auto GUI generation to support mutually exclusive sets of parameters (millerjv) - assigned. - 0002087: [Extensions] Configure "" at build time to ensure it's always up-to-date (jcfr) - assigned. - 0002298: [Extensions] skull stripper extension does not install (jcfr) - assigned. - 0002163: [GUI] models hierarchy is not workable (nicole) - assigned. - 0002318: [Documentation & Wiki] Update dashboard setup instruction when wiki Nightly documentation is available (jcfr) - assigned. - 0002317: [Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update dashboard driver script to specify shorter binary dir (jcfr) - closed. - 0002313: [Base Code] Implement onSDBSaveToDCMActionTriggered (nicole) - assigned. - 0002270: [Module VolumeRendering] build Slicer on windows 7 with a 4gb graphic card FIXED (finetjul) - assigned. - 0001227: [Usability] Python console automatically adds () after function names (crmullin) - assigned. - 0002007: [Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build against ITKv4 and remove ITKv3 (jcfr) - assigned. - 0002116: [Extensions] Improve extension framework to differentiate extension build against different Slicer. (jcfr) - assigned. - 0001693: [Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Implement a test named "py_SimpleITK_SlicerPushPullTest" (jcfr) - assigned. - 0001692: [Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Implement a test named "py_SimpleITK_ImportTest" (jcfr) - assigned. - 0002114: [Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Ensure Slicer can be compiled against ITKv4 on both Windows 32 and 64 bit (hjmjohnson) - assigned.