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To discuss


  • Steve will have a look at the incompatible plugins on mac for Qt extensions
  • MRB issues appear to really be scene reload issues, but further investigation by the team will determine what is really going on.
  • DICOM widget has recently been reworked and performance should improve by the end of the week.
  • The following bugs on the roadmap were reviewed. Remaining bugs on the roadmap will be discussed in future hangouts.

- 0002151: [Documentation & Wiki] Document python scripting API - new. - 0002052: [Documentation & Wiki] Add a catalog of available test data - new. - 0002051: [Documentation & Wiki] Compile a set of example illustrating the best "testing" practice - new. - 0001969: [Module DICOM] can't import dicom images (pieper) - feedback. - 0001536: [Usability] Model slice intersections do not work (inorton) - feedback. - 0002016: [Module DICOM] Multi-load appears not to work. (pieper) - feedback. - 0002015: [Module DICOM] Checking DICOMSlicerDataBundlePlugin and ""ScalarVolumePlugin every time (pieper) - feedback. - 0002040: [Module DICOM] Failure to import anonymized studies with empty patient ID (pieper) - feedback. - 0001744: [Scene Views] sceneview with volume rendering does not survive roundtrip (finetjul) - feedback. - 0002034: [Extensions] Integrate Plastimatch extensions (jcfr) - feedback. - 0002124: [Base Code] Saving into a new directory creates a bad mrml file (alexy) - feedback. - 0002133: [Extensions] crash installing extension (skull stripper) (jcfr) - feedback. - 0001683: [Packaging] ctk app launcher doesn't handle windows command console (jcfr) - feedback. - 0002090: [GUI] Drag and drop of a compressed nrrd file causes a crash (Michael Jeulin-L) - feedback. - 0001523: [Usability] Crash while opening a Slicer3 legacy scene (millerjv) - feedback. - 0001900: [Base Code] Crash when loading image with very long filename (dpace) - feedback. - 0002019: [Base Code] slicer won't start on mac os 10.5.8 (latest leopard) (mhalle) - feedback. - 0001999: [Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Expose DCMTK_DIR to Slicer built-in module (jcfr) - feedback. - 0001729: [GUI] qMRMLCheckableNodeComboBox crash when changing node name (finetjul) - feedback. - 0001777: [GUI] Assert ctkRangeWidget: Assert on equal(d->Slider->minimumValue(), d->MinimumSpinBox->value()) (finetjul) - feedback. - 0001899: [Usability] Saving and reopening .nrrd problem (jcfr) - feedback. - 0002120: [Base Code] MRB does not survive roundtrip (pieper) - assigned. - 0002380: [Base Code] Transforms module issue: display of translation component when values exceed default max values (jcfr) - assigned. - 0001669: [Usability] Add recent loaded files menu entry in File menu bar (crmullin) - assigned. - 0002187: [QtTesting] Do not used "activated" signal since it doesn't map to "clicked" in a cross platform fashion (BenjaminLong) - assigned.