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For the latest Slicer documentation, visit the read-the-docs.

Developers Information

Note Slicer4 developer documentation is under development with the idea that tutorials and related information will be available to support work at the NA-MIC 2012 Project Week.

Requirements for Modules



Overview of the development process.

Mailing List

Intended for the discussion of programming related questions.
Search for priorly posted questions and answers on


Set of screenshots showing the different Slicer components.
Consistency and Readability for a manageable code base
This page serves as a MediaWiki sandbox.
Pages for the developer projects.

Source Code

svn checkout
Source code API documentation.
Web-based code repository viewer.


Compiling and installing Slicer from source.
Nightly, continuous and experimental dashboards.
Informations of Slicer releases

Design & Implementation

Comparison between the different module types supported by Slicer
Objects and their organization. MRML Library provides API for managing medical image data type.
Details the role of logics in Slicer and lists the different types such as displayable managers.
Presents the underlying infrastructure.
Details how Slicer is built and packaged.


Setup QtCreator with Slicer
Step by step tutorial to write C++ module
Describes how to make a (Slicer / Qt) loadable module that is compiled outside of the slicer build tree.
Describes how to take your command line module or loadable module and turn it into an extension for Slicer 4.0
How to debug Slicer.
Hints for narrowing down run time issues.
Prerequisites, Notes, Coding style and step-by-step