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My name is Zhiyuan Liu. It's a little bit hard to pronounce it. But the first name sounds like "J-one", while the last name "Leo". I'm a Ph.D student of the Dept. Computer Science in UNC at Chapel Hill, researching on shape analysis. I'm co-advised by Stephen M. Pizer, James N. Damon and J. S. Marron. My research interest mainly falls on the shape analysis, computer vision and machine learning. In the field of shape analysis, we are now researching skeletal model and making it more stable and powerful in shape analysis. Additionally, we also invented some statistical approaches that are suitable for both high dimension low sample size situation, such as shape analysis on biomedical images, and data objects living in non-Euclideanized space. Here, we are providing such methodology to the world by developing toolkit based on Slicer. Please refer to my home page for more information.