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Notes from what was done during 2008 Summer Project Week

  • Various user-friendly optimization (see TODO)
  • Tuesday
    • Ipek Oguz: Help with Offscreen Rendering and making sure it can behave as a command-line program (without a KWW GUI)
    • Ragani: Try to convert legacy code, vtkImageResliceST.cxx, based on old vtkImageReslice
    • Craig Sharp: Help with Plastimatch; including the CMake code for a CLP was conflicting with his own CMake code. At the end of the day, his library needed to be linked against ITK, as opposed to just his executables; why the CLP CMake code revealed that "problem" is not clear, but in any case that's the way to go in general...
    • Luis: discuss the IO formats introspection (see TODO)
    • Cleanup some installation/configuration rules in QdecModule and TumorGrowth
  • Wednesday
    • Gary Christensen & team: CMake/CPack presentation, help
    • Will: build Slicer3 (need to update the Wiki)
    • Alex: check the Models tree widget issue, i.e. that it is lacking the usability found in Slicer2 (see TODO)
    • Add option vtkKWTreeWithScrollbars to resize the tree manually (see TODO)
  • Steve Aylward: SlicerIGT funding
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Bill: work on the launcher with splashscreen
    • Nathan (Gary Christensen): work on the Atlas app, optimize memory consumption