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Known issues

  • All platforms
    • The latest revision of BRAINSTools isn't used. BRAINSWrap module failed to compile with BRAINSDEMONWARP_DEBUG_OUTPUT OFF. Issue reported here.
  • Linux 64-bit / MacOSX 64-bit
    • BRAINS GTract based modules are not working. Library hasn't been packaged. Issue reported here.
  • MacOSX 64-bit
    • Extra folders named include and lib at the root of the bundle corresponds to the development headers/files of BRAINSTools. To avoid these extra files from being installed. An option named BRAINSTools_INSTALL_DEVELOPMENT could be added. An issue reported here
  • Windows 32-bit / MacOSX 64-bit
    • There are still "memory leaks", it means that a popup will appear when you will be closing Slicer on windows. We are aware of that issue. The developer that should be fixing these has already being notified in person few days ago. A reminder has been sent on the list.