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Preliminary check list for mBIRN All Hands Meeting, March 8-10, Slicer 3.4 release.


  • Steve Pieper
  • Haiying Liu
  • Alex Yarmarkovich
  • Daniel Haehn
  • Wendy Plesniak
  • Katie Hayes
  • Nicole Aucoin
  • Andriy Fedorov


  • mBIRN
    • XNAT
      • when will upgrade to 1.4?
      • XNAT is part of the CTSC grant
      • we can push from XNAT Desktop to XNAT Enterprise (see tutorial, needs updated screen shots), use the web GUI to get .xcat files out and create projects and subjects (latter two have to be done first before pushing new data)
    • Multi file upload
      • will have a draft of the XNAT Enterprise protocol by the June MIT Project week
      • need this for 3.4 release, do a demo at mBIRN
      • if load a dicom volume, save it as nrrd, the scene still contains the DICOM file list (see bug 408)
  • Slicer 3.4
    • Focus on optimisations, fixing crashes, usability issues (see Isaiah's feature requests), leaks
    • IGTLink is not appearing in the nightly builds
      • try starting up Slicer3 with --verbose_module_discovery and then --clear_module_cache
    • To Do for all developers:
      • Check the bug tracker here, sometimes emails are not getting sent. Add in any things that you are planning to work on during hte big fixing stage
      • Update documentation for your module here
      • Add tests (each module has to have at least one test)
    • Will produce release candidates for the mBIRN meeting, then another period of bug fixing before the real release
    • A few bugs were mentioned, to be entered in the bug tracker by their reporters:
      • File brower not jumping to favourite directories on occasion
      • CompareView: menu popping up when change opacity
      • Any way to let the user know what all the key bindings are? wiki page? tool tips should include key bindings, can they be bolded?
      • Pointer to the SVN commit tags?
  • Will meet again next week at 2pm, Tuesday Feb 10th to go over the bug list. Check for any bugs that were deferred in Slicer 3.2 and reset their status as appropriate.