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Final check list for Slicer 3.2 release.


  • Steve Pieper
  • Nicole Aucoin
  • Ron Kikinis
  • Alex Yarmarkovich


Slicer 3.2:

July 2008 stats
  • 10 days to the NCBC meeting, Ron wants to have the 3.2 release in place before then
  • Download statistics show 90+% requests for Windows binaries (see screenshot to the right), so make it a priority to test on Windows
  • Katie will build release binaries for all platforms and let us know when they're ready
  • Testing:
    • Randy will direct Silas to test out the Mac version using the NeurosurgicalPlanningTutorial (Data)
    • Steve will test the installer on Vista
    • Alex will test on WinNT
    • Nicole will test on Linux64 testing notes
    • Sonia to test the HelloWorld example
  • Wiki:
    • Katie will double check the wiki to be sure that the release notes and links to the release binaries are updated
    • Nicole will check the Slicer Downloads page to be sure that the links are correct (SVN and Dashboard re namic server change, release notes, build instructions, mailing lists) (done)
    • Marianna will update the front page of and the registration information mail message
    • Everyone: update module documentation
  • Steve will send email to slicer-devel to reinforce that the 3.2 branch is closed, and that developers should test the release to ensure that their own contributions are working (and run through the Neurosurgery tutorial as well for broader testing)
  • Steve added one level of undo to the editor (MRML undo doesn't work on image data, Alex and Steve to revisit this)


  • Label maps
    • Adding colours? TBD in the Color module update to allow editing user defined LUTs.
    • the editor is assuming that you're only working with one label value. If a user wishes to draw four structures on a slice, and then go to the next slice, the editor effect parameters are lost (eg. threshold) when switch between label values.
      • from slicer2.x can copy label values, in Slicer3: label combine filter
      • possible update to Slicer3: allow swapping of editor parameter nodes to get back to settings for a label value
  • Parameter sets
    • Is there a way to save a parameter set for a command line module in a separate mrml file? Not right now
    • Either add an advanced panel to the Save Data widget that lists paremeter nodes to save in a mrml file, or add a Save node button next to the drop down menus listing this CLI's parameter nodes (would save a mini mrml file with just that node in it).