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Demo / Training session for PNL group to start using slicer3. This is a follow up on an action item defined at an earlier meeting. The goal of this session is not to get 'first impressions' but to give PNL users the exposure and instructions they need in order to try some meaningful tasks. Slicer3 is not expected to replace all the features currently used in slicer2.6 but there should be enough functionality that some manual segmentation tasks can be undertaken.

Having PNL users with direct experience with the system will help make our usability plans more concrete.


  • Steve Pieper
  • Nicole Aucoin
  • Katharina Quintus
  • Wendy Plesniak
  • Katie Hayes
  • Sonia Pujol
  • Usman Khan
  • Doug Markant
  • Douglas Terry
  • Aristotle Voineskos
  • John Chakerian


  • Slicer3 for PNL users
    • transfer of knowledge so can use new functions as they are added
    • PNL will make an internal wiki page with notes
    • we can make a tagged version for specific use cases as they start working well
    • Katie will make a nightly build available in /projects/... for testing
  • Realignment module
    • pass in multiple volumes?
    • everything under a transform gets resampled?
    • requires being able to pass in a scene, most likely
  • Demo
    • test import of slicer2 xml files
    • slices mode versus Axi/Sag/Cor
    • no vtkAG module, will use ITK filters (may be issues, get previously done testing feedback from PNL group)
    • how to composite lots of label volumes into one? Can load in lots of volumes at once, need selection support for applying batch processes
    • showed scene snapshots, view modes, integrated save
    • editor module current implementation versus future icon based interface
  • revisit this subject at the next slicer dev meeting in two weeks
  • Katharina will collect bugs from the group (via wiki page?), bring to an in person meeting with a core developer, who will either fix things on the spot or submit it to the bug tracker and assign it to the correct person