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Time: 2pm, 1249 Boylston St., 2nd floor, Boston, MA.


  • 2.7 release
  • 3.0 beta
  • mBIRN AHM report


  • Steve Pieper
  • Katharina Quintus
  • Nicole Aucoin
  • Katie Hayes



  • Slicer3 bug reporter
  • Slicer3 - call it a beta
  • diffusion not ready for June
  • Sonia not able to work on new tutorials just yet
  • loading bronchial tree data set from slicer 2 in slicer 3 - mostly works
  • not all presets are supported
  • layout bugs
    • support low resolution monitors, not necessarily optimize
  • update node selectors on update scene?
  • Wendy - hook up folders
  • Nicole
    • check fiducial list remove
    • #44 scalar bug update
    • loading aseg volume, not in label map slice
  • for Friday
  • Sebastien will switch us to new file browser, Wendy needs to finish theming it
  • greyscale model maker loads one model

Slicer 2.7

  • export floating point volumes
  • Raul working on it
  • Lauren - email her
  • KQ
    • did zipped DT reading with Gordon, we haven't made a copy for current tagged teem
    • byte skipping change in teem lib, in sourceforce cvs
    • can she give us a path? yes