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Time: 2pm Eastern time.


  • mBIRN meeting preparation


  • Nicole A., Katie H., Micheal K., Steve P., Wendy P.


  • Katie gave an update on her work with JHU, robot and tracker integrated with Slicer
  • Michael K:
    • workflow designer, xml description load into Slicer 3
    • in the IGT branch, to be merged back into the trunk soon, Steve put up instructions on how to do it
    • flags out open tracker via cmake configuration, makes a #define so won't depend on open tracker and xerces by default
    • Eigel used tiny xml for open tracker, JHU uses xerces, he also cmake-ified ACE and tiny xml
    • parameter widget decouples c// and gui creation, pass xml to his parameter widget, select node, get widget and put in gui
  • Steve redoing launcher, --launch to start programs with same environment
  • Wendy working on light box viewer, goe through and puts up all slices in a volume
  • Nicole working on freesurfer scalar overlays integration
  • mBIRN
    • progress report out - information upload / download /interoperability / provenance
    • MGH IO - always flip, measurement frame
    • Freesurfer nodes in XML - makes sure scalars are there, make up a sample scene
    • fBIRN - group stats, Wendy and Steve working on it
    • XAR files - XNAT archive files
      • go to a web site, dl xar, open with unpacker to slicer scene
      • next step is web services to query XNAT
    • data provenance - check that --all-info supported, update xwiki
    • Wed-Fri: Wed = reception with presentations, Steve needs the FS sample scene by then, right click to test query atlas
    • modules from slicer2
      • volume stats via python, model stats?
      • simple thresholding
      • island removal in editor
      • CLI - shared memory is implemented, check millerjv for his to-do list
    • next week tcon
    • tar up slicer3 nightly