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Time: 2pm Eastern time, held as tcon using NA-MIC engineering call-in number.


  • Review Slicer3:Status plans
    • Doable?
    • Other module status? (EMSegment, Nonlinear registration?)
    • How will we handle testing?
    • Documentation?
  • Mouse modes in the viewers
    • Goal is to unify 2D/3D and make it clear to the user when the mouse will be used to manipulate on-screen items and when it will control the view.
    • We'll probably need to break with slicer2/VTK conventions and may want to adopt some 'standard' from other 3D programs.

Attendees: Bill, Jim, Steve, Sebastien, Stephen, Nicole, Wendy, Alex, Katie


  • The group is generally happy with manis and wants to keep using it.
  • The release plans sound okay (but ambitious and hectic, of course!)
  • Stephen came on the phone and after consultation with Ron we agreed that the EMSegmenter atlas registration project should be the highest priority for his nonlinear registration effort
  • Mouse mode discussion
    • Sebastien said that Kitware came to similar conclusions about the mouse control issue and some of the KWW code supports a single-button interaction style. Right mouse is reserved for a context menu, which subclasses can populate.
    • Sebastien also reported that he is looking into adding custom cursor support for KWW so that one can define a cursor from an image easily. This will provide critical user feedback on current mouse mode.