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Attendees: Jim, Mike, Andy, Steve, Yumin, Wendy, Katie, Nicole, Brad, Curt (others I didn't catch?)

Topics for this call include:

  • updates on cpack / installer
  • changes to slice rendering (transparency)
  • modules
  • any outstanding issues / questions on MRML, KWWidgets, Modules, etc...


  • Need a solution for module path that allows different slicer versions to be installed on the same machine (problem is that storing the path in the registry means that each user can have only one path, which can include hard paths to a modules compiled for a particular version).
  • Cpack: needed to include the ":STRING" option when passing variables into cmake with the -D command line option.
    • this is now fixed in slicer3 svn and packages are build with the data step in the filename.
  • Discussion of launcher options
  • Update on installers
  • Lib versions for slicer3:
    • ITK 3.0 coming soon and will be used
    • VTK 5.0.3 coming soon (still not clear we should use this vs. something branched off the cvs head)
  • discussions of Transparency, mrml ID, xml parsing...
  • Yumin reports that new file browser and event viewers for KWWidgets are coming soon.