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Slicer Developers Meeting

August 29, 2006, 2-3pm, at 1249 Boylston St., second floor demo room.

Topic: MRT Slicer, Slicer 3, Slicer 2.6

Present: Steve Pieper, Katie Hayes, Nicole Aucoin, Haiying Liu

  • In mid September there will be an executive meeting for BIRN to prepare for the October all hands meeting
  • MRT Slicer
    • Slicer 1.6 has been officially retired, they've used Slicer 2.6 for 50+ cases in the Open MR, mostly laser ablation.
  • Slicer 3
    • NAMIC Slicer 3 meeting will be here Sept 11 & 12
    • Fiducials
      • Alex will do the display portion
      • Nicole will add in a method on the fiducial list class to add a fiducial with non default values
    • FreeSurfer models
      • get the models with scalar overlays into Slicer 3 before the BIRN AHM in October
      • Nicole will talk to Alex about the integration with the current model reading capabilities, probably won't go to an archetype reader, too complex
      • Steve will link it in with the query atlas, and the faster cell picker and overlay value browswer
      • colour code the file types when browsing for them? There will be a KW File Browswer improvement soon
      • Alex will add in a model directory reading option so can read in a series of models
    • Reading in xml files from the commmand line? It should be an option in the ARGS macro, in Slicer3.cxx need to use it and pass it to the scene reader (std::str vector holds the unparsed arguments, when pass in a tcl script using -f they'd get passed to that script, but not defined yet what happens if no script is there)
  • Slicer 2.6 trouble shooting
    • Trying to get a linux 32 bit machine set up to debug a user's problem with the vtkFreeSurferReaders module
    • In 32 bit CVS head, when reading in mgz files, there are rows of voxels that are repeated, not present in the 2.6 official release
    • problem with zlib versus vtk_zlib? shouldn't be an issue as it's only a change when the vtk version changes to 4.6 and above