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Slicer Developers Meeting

May 24, 2005, 2-3pm, at 1249 Boylston St., second floor demo room.

Topic: Release 2.5

Present: Steve Pieper, Katie Hayes, Huy Nguyen, Haiying Liu, Nicole Aucoin

  • tarup.tcl script
    • local option, so it doesn't copy or upload anywhere
    • include the cxx source, have source distributions versus binary versus both?
    • check the version number on the linked system libraries automatically using ldd on unix, maybe dllview on windows
  • Move the license web page to from the SPL url, to try and bypass access problems that have been reported
  • endoscopic module
    • give some warning about models that break the algorithm (holes)
    • update the help documentation
  • Dartmouth user workshop
    • user focused training session
    • Steve announced the release to the attendees, and is now sorting out the tutorial data set
  • Dashboard
    • send emails when the build is broken, need continuous builds in order to narrow down the check in window so don't send to everyone
    • Regression testing - Lauren to put it in DTMRI

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