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Slicer Developers Meeting

May 10, 2005, 2-3pm, at 1249 Boylston St., second floor demo room.

Topic: Release 2.5

Present: Steve Pieper, Katie Hayes, Huy Nguyen, Haiying Liu, Nicole Aucoin, Eigil Samset

  • Feature request from Sylvain: export volume files as Nrrd
  • Haiying should finish up his work on plotting tomorrow
  • 2 weeks to the users workshop at Dartmouth, need a release for the participants
  • Sonia, who was going to present a lot of the material, won't be able to, Sylvain will do some
  • Dartmouth Details:
    • Thursday noon-6, Friday 8-3
    • Covers: viewer use, manual segmentation, dti, fmri, registration
    • Jim Fallon described what he wanted to do with Slicer, same thing at Dartmouth
  • Release candidate ready for testing
    • Sylvain will test the new one and compare with his tools to the old output
    • Schiz wiki - update to new version?
  • ITK - latest CVS code works with gcc 3.4
  • documentation: update, put up a table matching versions of support libraries to versions of slicer (Matching versions of VTK and Slicer)
  • vtkAG weill be retired, has GPL on it, Alex is working to combine it with other registration methods
  • vtkRealignResample
    • has an old bug, fid -> matrix is broken, picking three points for a plane is not producing stable results
    • see Delphine's code? Volumes -> Resample
    • resampling part is redundant?
  • snapshots are compiled with optimised flags - check fmri engine for speedups
  • check web pages
    • point download link to wiki
    • downloads to xythos, logging on?
    • release steps: wikki -> license agreement -> xythos
  • Hierarchy and anatomy modules are not working, Arne?
  • Native sun compiled version optimised, email Katie; 64 bit building, email Eigil, Karl

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