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Slicer Developers Meeting

April 11, 2005, 2-3pm, at 1249 Boylston St., second floor demo room.

Topic: Release 2.5 to-do list, OpenTracker

Present: Steve Pieper, Katie Hayes, Haiying Liu, Nicole Aucoin, Eigil Samset, Wendy Plesniak

Slicer 2.5 Release

  • postype cast not in gcc on slicerl, #define the cast, check the slicerl headers
  • ITK 1.8
    • doesn't compile with gcc 3.4.x, but does with gcc 3.3.x
    • check ins for ITK with Bill's stuff, check compilers on platforms
    • get Andy to tag Slicer-2-5, with the Nrrd reader code
  • VTK for our release 2.5
    • grid transform
    • sfont for queryAtlas
    • method wrapping to catch thrown errors
  • solaris10 - nightly build without clean on library directories
  • volume texture mapping - hit or miss where it works, warning already on it
  • module suppression - good for release
  • EM segment
    • defaults to 0 iterations in LocalSegment
    • Killian is responsible for merging his stuff, not for this release
  • bfloat reader in the freesurfer readers module
  • fmri engine - mostly ironed out
  • ibrowser - one more thing to get checked in
  • cvs repository lock
    • leave read access to everyone
    • bug fixes inserted manually by Steve, Katie, Nicole
    • branch on the working version
  • transform volume
    • Alex and Katie write test script
    • document
  • testing
    • make up test script template
    • xvfb for mac? need openGL support
    • if time
  • dtrmi - ask programmers if it will be ready for the freeze
  • View -> lights tab under linux
    • if ran mouse over scale it causes freeze up
    • had a binding to a command
    • in lead lihgt only 1 slider is active
    • all buttons and slider - command to one proc, sets vars, enables and disables sliders (could be called from inside slider)
    • get Mike to revamp it
  • tarup.tcl - give out cxx as well
  • comment - add cxx to the script that generates comments in the source code
  • OS names versus variables in the scripts
    • enviroment variables? they have to persist through launch.tcl
    • enumerate all windows values? only support win2k going forward


  • Eigil implemented much of it
  • added another server in Locator module, set xml file
  • testing under linux now
  • have tracker distinct to scene, link in to transforms in tcl
  • license
    • consider Slicer as a system on which you run tracker? If link to a library, by strict GPL, now part of it.
    • GPL not really compatible with the aims of the hospital, vtk, kitware
    • OpenTracker offered us a commercial license, ask for a third option?

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