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Slicer Developers Meeting

March 29, 2005, 2-3pm, at 1249 Boylston St., second floor demo room.

Topic: Integrating tracking technology into Slicer

Present: Dan Kacher, Randy Ellis, Katie Hayes, Mike Halle, Steve Pieper, Nicole Aucoin, Sonia Pujol, Haiying Liu, Emese Balogh, Simon DiMaio, Eigil Samsut, Heather O'Leary, Raul San Jose Estepar, CF Westin, Noby Hata (via teleconference)

  • Tying Slicer into GE's FDA approved navigation system in the operating room, as well as to other trackers
  • Dan Kacher gave an overview powerpoint presentation.
  • Pai's interactive scanner control has been taken over by Heather
  • Eigel presented OpenTracker
    • project at the University of Vienna on augmented reality for large user bases
    • using Xerxes for xml parsing of configuration files
    • he provided a comparision between various tracker systems: CISST, OpenTracker, VRPN, IGStk
    • they havea main loop, Slicer is event driven
    • uses ACE for networking
    • the Oslo lab made modules for Flashpoint, and the MRT here (smaller, less libs, so more stable on the older hardware)
    • doesn't really work with haptics yet, just tracking
    • one xml file for each application, it's more of a hardware configuration file
  • Slicer as a platform
    • latency problems a few years ago, are they better yet?
    • could we provide a stream lined version? UI versus constant calls.
    • buid in more support to locator module - pull it out as a separate module? stand alone ui is possible
    • need to build in new infrastructure for dynamic updates to the scene
      • See Televolview as an example (based on volview?)
      • AMIGO will have lots going on, adding volumes while tracking and scanning
    • common platform is useful, vtk for scene graphs is a good choice, Eigel works with an active open inventor source base from Systems and Motion, also see Open Scene Graph
    • build libraries in a way that they're reusable from c++
  • ISGtk
    • based on CISST, will be merging closer togther
    • CISST has tracker part and more (contact Anton Deuget for more info on CISTracker)
    • uses ITK framework, Luis Ibanez is a good resource
  • Faith Lin is doing prenatal cardiac intervention with Ascension trackers
  • To Do:
    • integrate open tracker with slicer: Eigel and Sonia
    • need to get tracker ROM information about characteristics of the probe, put it into open tracker? how recalibrate? write to a new file...

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