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Slicer Developers Meeting

March 15, 2005, 2-3pm, at 1249 Boylston St., second floor demo room.

Topic: Recap of the BIRN meeting, building on Windows

Present: Sylvain Bouix, Katie Hayes, Mike Halle, Jonathan Sacks, Steve Pieper, Nicole Aucoin, Katharina Quintus, Wendy Plesniak, Sonia Pujol

  • Training:
    • Toronto training session moved to Dartmouth, May 26&27, Sonia will do user training at the next one at MGH for Bruce Fischl and Randy Gollub, then Randy will be doing them
    • Sonia looked at fmri tutorial, java applicatin, from matlab version - all client server, negates 100Gb download, web page to step you through
    • for MGH tutorial, more content on vtk FSRs
    • Slicer tutorial
      • was run on Mac power books for a group of Ob/Gyns
      • Apple provided the power books
      • Mike has key drive with X11, slicer and a shell script: rename file .command so can double click it and it will run in a terminal for easy installation on a Mac
  • Lab to go to Macintosh workstations running OSX? Linux? We need to test build speeds, interactions with editing, benchmark vtkAG, EMSegment
  • Building with Microsoft Visual Studio 7.1
    • vtkMinHeap.h - windows check in for MSVC 6
    • Karl has used #define so he can use French terms
    • also found ENDFOR defined as }
    • need to get these cleaned up
    • Sonia's version needs to work with 2.4 release code for training, but for development use she can use the head of the cvs tree
  • Transform volume - Alex Guimond? checked in changes yesterday, works with hierarchical transform applications
  • Freesurfer is going open source
  • Qball in DTMRI under the ODF tab
  • lsdi recon script - is only local, not working
  • Release 2.5
    • Need ITK with the Nrrd reader with spacing
    • Need VTK with grid transform, and tcl wrapping around C exceptions
    • Get both repositories tagged with Slicer-2-5
    • Freeze check ins on the head until we stabilize it, then branch.
    • Use May 26th as our goal?
    • Sylvain is going to Portugal to install slicer April 25. Needs EM Segment, vtkAG, transform volume. Needs a windows binary.
    • MICCAI deadline is April 11
    • Freeze April 16-21, then branch
    • FMRI
      • moving from gsl to ITK's vnl, but that's longer term
      • checking in changes before the fBIRN meeting (end of March)
    • LGPL in level sets
      • include the cxx files in tarup.tcl?
      • module writer is responsible for meeting licensing requirements
  • MBirn white matter atlases - Duke and CNI are providing them to the BIRN community DTI Morphometry Projects
  • Dave Kennedy - freesurfer cortical parcellation to define central and radiant white matter, labels white matter from landmarks automatically

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