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Slicer Developers Meeting

March 1, 2005, 2-3pm, at 1249 Boylston St., second floor demo room.

Topic: Recap of the NA-MIC meeting

Present: Steve Pieper, Nicole Aucoin, Haiying Liu, Sonja Pujol, Katie Hayes, Mike Halle.

  • the remodel of the 1249 Boylston office space is going to go ahead
  • Andy Cedilnik should be here on Monday to work on redoing Slicer's build process, Steve will confirm
  • Level sets for segmentation?
    • Karl did VTK level sets
    • Karl and Raul did itk, it's going into ITK
    • fast marching by Eric Pichon, moving inot ITK as well
    • seed based (with fiducials) segmentation with underlying ITK
    • preview window for filters?
      • use subvolume module?
      • framework for itk filters is needed
  • NA-MIC: set up dti, then frmi in ITK
  • DTI class done by Jessica Turner at UCI, Michelle Perry at UCSD
  • Qball in Slicer now for ODF visualisation
  • spatial objects
  • Matlab integration issues
    • Core 1 and 3 of NA-MIC use it, 2 doesn't use it
    • conversion path?
    • conventions
    • Octave? not as much support
    • what do they use it for most?
    • MEX to get C code for distributable Matlab binaries, need Matlab install of the demo version in order to run your binary
    • can ship ITK images/code to Matlab
  • vnl in slicer via ITK (templated), Raul's module for tensor reconstruction (Lauren doing clustering, direct)
  • things the NA-MIC toolkit can offer:
    • inherently parallel
    • works for large memory requirement problems
    • database access

Future Slicer Projects

  • Mike: Michelle Borkin from Harvard/Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory
    • wants an astrophysics data reader for itk
    • then put astro data in slicer for visualisation
    • namic project
    • support multichannel (multi wavelength) data
    • from Chandra X-ray Observatory, pipeline to transfer coordinate systems
  • Katie: Jeremy interested in using for visualising sonar data
    • use itk
    • proprocess from polar coordiantes for autonomous submarine surveys
  • NA-MIC driving applications now rather than core
    • stereo matching could go in
    • star matching
  • Sylvain put his uplaoded data in Nrrd format, readable by ITK IO factory
    • they updated the Nrrd reader with spacing via direction vectors
    • need orientation matrix
    • right now adding mask bit (for example) in Nrrd format is hard to propagate into ITK - overhead, has to exist in ITK via the generic interface

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