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Slicer Developer's Meeting Jan 18, 2005

Present: Mark Anderson, Wendy Plesniak, Nicole Aucoin, Steve Pieper, Katie Hayes, Alex Yarmarkovich, Haiying Liu, Jeanette Meng, Jonathan Sacks, Karl Krissian

Topic: Steve presented his slides that he'll be showing at the NAMIC training sessions on Slicer architecture.


  • presentations to be held on Monday (ITK) and Tuesday (Slicer), Jan 24 & 25, at MIT, as well as before the All Hands Meeting for NAMIC (one day only, Feb 20, more advanced topics).
  • for future rearchitecting:
  • use tcl name spaces instead of global variables and naming schemes
  • xml parsing (exists in vtk, used in the BXH reader module)
  • better thread/process handling

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