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  • Slicer 4 is the current release of 3D Slicer. To download previous versions, click here. 3D Slicer is open source software distributed under the 3D Slicer license.

Pre-compiled binaries


  • Latest stable release:
    Slicer-4.0.1-win-amd64.exe (4.0.1, 64 bit, r19033, 157.6MB),
    Slicer-4.0.1-win-i386.exe (4.0.1, 32 bit, r19033, 151.9MB)
  • Latest nightly build:
    Slicer- (, 64 bit, r19053, 158.2MB),
    Slicer- (, 32 bit, r19053, 151.9MB)
  • System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Slicer requires 1GB of RAM absolute minimum, with more highly recommended. A fast graphics card or GPU that supports OpenGL is also recommended.


Other OS

  • MAC OS X
  • Linux

Quick links

  • Developers Page/Building from source code
  • User Training and Tutorials
  • User documentation
  • Mailing lists
  • Bug tracker and feature requests
  • Download statistics