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For visual studio 2010, there is a different version of python. You can download this file (Python-2.6.6-vs2010) from the archive.

If you want to download a new version of python from the svn and use it for 2010 later. You can do the following steps:

  1. Open the solution file (python.sln) using vs2010
  2. It will show you Conversion Wizard. Using that Wizard convert the file.
  3. Open the pyproject.props file. In that file, put a semicolon between the lib files for tcltkLib, tcltkLibDebug, tcltk64Lib, tcltk64LibDebug.
   <tcltkLib>$(tcltkDir)\lib\tcl84.lib ; $(tcltkDir)\lib\tk84.lib</tcltkLib>
   <tcltkLibDebug>$(tcltkDir)\lib\tcl84g.lib ; $(tcltkDir)\lib\tk84g.lib</tcltkLibDebug>
   <tcltk64Lib>$(tcltk64Dir)\lib\tcl84.lib ; $(tcltk64Dir)\lib\tk84.lib</tcltk64Lib>
   <tcltk64LibDebug>$(tcltk64Dir)\lib\tcl84g.lib ; $(tcltk64Dir)\lib\tk84g.lib</tcltk64LibDebug>

Important Notes For Developers:

External_python_win.cmake is updated for building python in vs2010. MSBuild commands for VS2010 are used for building python. For example, for the options

set(python_build_type "Release")
set(python_platform "Win32")
set(python_configuration "${python_build_type}|${python_platform}")

in VS2008, the build command was

set(ep_command_args /build ${python_configuration} /project python) 

For VS2010, this is changed to

set(ep_command_args /p:configuration=${python_build_type} /p:platform=${python_platform} /t:python)

The lines

${CMAKE_COMMAND} -Din=${in} -Dout=${out} -Dfind=tcltk64\\" -Dreplace=tcl-build\\" -P 

in External_python_win.cmake is changed to

${CMAKE_COMMAND} -Din=${in} -Dout=${out} -Dfind= \\tcltk64 -Dreplace= \\tcl-build -P ${script})