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The getbuildtest script was created to simplify the process of setting up a build on a new system. It gets the needed code from repositories, builds the code with a compatible set of configuration options, and tests the resulting binaries and submits them to the dashboard as an experimental build.


Three files are used as part of this process:

  • slicer_variables.tcl contains global settings for the build process including what versions of support libraries to checkout.
  • Scripts/genlib.tcl builds all the support libraries (puts them in Slicer3-lib)
  • Scripts/getbuildtest.tcl calls genlib and once it completes successfully it builds slicer3 in Slicer3-build

MAC OS X 10.5 issues Slicer3:getbuildtest:macosx10.5


The getbuildtest2 script an experimental version that should/will someday replace getbuildtest.

The main differences are:

  • libraries are pulled from Slicer3-lib-mirror
  • extra libraries like python and BatchMake are being added

As of September 2007, python is not building correctly with all the desired libraries so work on getbuildtest2 is still ongoing.

Most developers should be using getbuildtest for now.