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To provide the following update for all Slicer3 Subprojects:

  1. Update on activities since AHM 2006
  2. Plans between now and June 29, 2006 (Project Week at MIT)


Monday, April 3rd:

Tuesday, April 4th:

  • Optional "programming day" for those who are available
    • Architecture, Coordinate Systems (Bill, Will, Steve)
    • KWWidgets and GUI (Sebastien, Wendy)
    • MRML and Data Model (Alex, Xiaodong, Mathieu)
    • Execution Model (Jim+)
    • VTK5 Porting of Slicer Modules (Mathieu, Nicole, Katie)



  1. Jim
  2. Bill
  3. Steve
  4. Katie Hayes
  5. Mathieu
  6. Wendy
  7. Will
  8. Xiaodong
  9. Alex
  10. Nicole Aucoin
  11. Sebastien Barre
  12. Pat Mongkolwat
  13. Haiying Liu
  14. Tina
  15. Ron


Items for followup:

  • The northwestern Slicer download works faster on Linux thatn Windows. Build, as well as rendering is slower. (Katie to follow up with Pat).

From Alex's talk:

  • conventions needed for method names/attribute names. Suggestions from group: XML conventions are reasonable.

Next Steps:

  • Focus on the Base code for the June Beta
    • Use existing MRML structure
      • Save generalizations for a vtk-free versions of MRML until a later refactoring (Mathieu)
      • Add Tensor and DWI nodes as needed (Xiaodong)
      • Finish Slice Logic and Coordinate Systems (Steve)
    • Continue porting of Slicer2 module code to VTK5 (Mathieu)
    • Continue Base slicer ui development and apply newest KWWidgets code (Wendy, Sebastien)
    • Work on porting/redeveloping the Editor as example of Internal Module (Alex)
      • Use this to drive definition of Internal Module startup sequence
    • Develop Command Line Module interface (Jim, Dan)
    • Set up LONI Pipelines as External Modules (Jags, Mike)
    • Integrate CPack and latest CMake (Andy)
    • Set up Dart2 server and Slicer3 dashboard (Andy)
      • Port tests from Slicer2 to Slicer3 (Katie)
    • Work out design of experiments grid testing (Brendan, Bill)
    • Continue to refine code (All)
      • Fix style issues (adopt vtk style for vtk subclasses)
      • Fix memory leaks