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Second revision: please add comments for content revisions!

(wjp): the icons are not yet 'live buttons' -- this would be a nice feature, but I think it's lower priority than 3.4 bug fixing... will revisit. (Let me know if you disagree.)


  • changed the link for data fusion to Ron's request
  • added a configuring viewers & layout panel

Welcome frame, open by default

WelcomeAbout Draft2.png

Overview frame, simple "lay of the land"

WelcomeOverview Draft2.png

Modules (what's core, what's extra, and getting around)

WelcomeModules Draft2.png


WelcomeLoad Draft2.png

Save instructions

WelcomeSave Draft2.png

How to adjust display of data

WelcomeDisplay Draft2.png

How to use the Slices Control GUI, View Control GUI, and select a new layout

WelcomeLayout Draft2.png

Good to mention mouse modes...

WelcomeMouseMode Draft2.png

Not sure what content goes here, so commented out in code -- will discuss with Steve.

File:WelcomeConfigure Draft2.png

Other helpful stuff:

WelcomeHints Draft2.png

Community links

WelcomeCommunity Draft2.png


WelcomeCredit Draft2.png