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First implementation: please add comments for content revisions!

Welcome frame, open by default

  • Steve mentions adding a comment here about how to collapse/uncollapse the panes in this and other modules. good idea.

WelcomeAbout Draft1.png

Overview frame, simple "lay of the land"

  • The user interface drawing looks great. Maybe changing the color of the red dot as it puts a lot of emphasis on the words 'Error log' ?

WelcomeOverview Draft1.png

Loading (will update once 'load module' is finished

WelcomeLoad Draft1.png

  • add Volume is missing (ron)

Save instructions

WelcomeSave Draft1.png

How to adjust display of data

WelcomeDisplay Draft1.png

  • Add links to documentation about slice viewers, and the manipulate Slice Views and 3D View (ron)
  • In the last sentence of the paragraph 'Scene Snapshots': maybe add 'Scene Snapshots will be saved when you save your scene' (so that users know they still need to save the scene.) (sonia)

Not sure what content goes here -- will discuss with Steve.

File:WelcomeModuleConfigure Draft1.png

Other helpful stuff:

  • Note: links are not correct yet -- and maybe we want a different selection of topics. comments?
  • Links to Powerpoint tutorials? Links to the table entry. (ron)
  • Links to datasets too?
  • Maybe add in the last sentence 'Visit the Slicer3.2 Training Compendium and find additional tutorials and example data' ?

WelcomeHelp Draft1.png

Community links

  • How about adding 'Track upcoming events and join a workshop'? (sonia)

WelcomeCommunity Draft1.png


  • Anything missing?

WelcomeAbout Acknowledgement.png