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Welcome Module GUI panel sketches

Welcome Module Content

  • Suggest changing "Frequently-used features" to "Common activities: hints & pointers"


About Page

  • Ron recommends designing this so that the disclaimer material is present but deemphasized.

WelcomePanel logo.png


  • The user interface drawing looks great. Maybe changing the color of the red dot as it puts a lot of emphasis on the words 'Error log' ?
  • There is a minor typo in the 3DView Controls text ('contains an interface to configure')

WelcomePanel overview.png


WelcomePanel loading.png


In the first sentence of the 'Important' paragraph, maybe specifying 'adding removing or moving on disk' and '(...) locate its referenced data on disk'? WelcomePanel saving.png


In the last sentence of the paragraph 'Scene Snapshots': maybe add 'Scene Snapshots will be saved when you save your scene' (so that users know they still need to save the scene. ) WelcomePanel display.png

Frequently used features

  • Ron's suggestion: make a little bit more descriptive. Like:
    • Information and tutorials on data fusion (merging multiple datasets for a single subject): links
    • Training about basic data loading and adjusting its visual display: links


  • Changing Basic training to Core training as image registration techniques may not be familiar to all audiences ?

WelcomePanel Frequent.png

Adding and Removing Modules

Find out from Steve what info should go here...

WelcomePanel Loadable.png

Slicer Community

  • How about replacing List of Events by 'Join a Workshop or a Programming Week event'?

WelcomePanel community.png


  • Ron recommends using the na-mic logo without the line.
  • In the last sentence, maybe the words 'for details' do not need to appear as a web link ?

WelcomePanel acknowledgement.png