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User Experience

DTI analysis involves many of Slicer's provisions, but the overall experience can be like picking through a haystack to find the needles you need. How might we make this easier?


Since this kind of analysis is something we want to support, we might support flexible wizards that walk people through a standard but flexible set of steps, and make recommendations about which algorithms to try, as part of the analysis. This mechanism would streamline workflow and maybe provide a guided tour through appropriate Slicer features.

better organized module list

The main pull-down menu exposes a pile of functionality that's loosely structured. A few interesting comments to illustrate the point:

Usability.png Under "Segmentation's" cascade menu are a list of tools for automated segmentation, but the Editor module for manual segmentation isn't listed.

Usability.png Under "Registration" there are many tools available, but it may not be clear to a user which of these options is appropriate for their datasets.

Usability.png As a more general point, module names need to communicate underlying algorithms for some users, and need to communicate what they're best used for to other users. So, how do we communicate well to everyone?

Priority items: (blocking project progress)

Proposed plan for addressing issues