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Upload pipeline of tagged data to remote host

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Upload performance profiles

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Download pipeline and automatic tagging of data types

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ToDo prior to release

  • Fix DICOM in RemoteIO.
    • First: on all DICOM writes, undo slope/intercept correction to image data. Get values from DICOM header, or metadatadictionary (check storage node for this info).
    • Try using ITKImageSeriesWriter instead of vtkITKImageWriter. Check ITK-proper example called something-something-DICOMSeriesWriter for an example.
    • Look at node parameters to see if there's an elegant way to detect whether a file with extension .IMA is DICOM. Right now, vtkITKImageWriter does not look for this (only recognizes .dcm).
  • Check for localhost in uri -- optimize load from local DB.
  • bug fixing (see below for list of bugs as they are found/fixed.

Problems in current module

  • Check for "localhost" in the uri; if so, get the filename from server, and load directly from disk. Bypass DL to cache.
  • DICOM UPLOAD BUG!!! vtkITKImageWriter is not properly writing series.
    • if series ends in .dcm, the writer will write dicom but into a single file in cache (not series).
    • if series ends in .IMA, the writer will fail to write anything to cache and upload fails.
  • Filename is not being reset after write to cache in some cases (may be a result of failure to write to cache properly...
  • Sometimes the server reports a null tag table. I think i fixed this, but am not sure. Test.
  • Test switching servers.
  • Need to respond to renamed scene file or data file. Right now fetchMI list can get out of sync.
  • Wah? multiple copies are being up/downloaded -- this is a new problem. Find/fix. (note: fixed now by swallowing the request up/download event after it is received and processed.)