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This new version (local data handling only) contains the following changes to current implementation:

  • the word "Node" is dropped from column headings as much as possible since users don't need to think about "nodes"
  • the Scene is listed along with data -- always at the top, and maybe in a different text color to highlight it.
  • Changes to how File formats are handled for those without writing support are reflected (sketch included below widget mockups).
  • "Select all" and "Select none" are above the multicolumn, over the Select column. Icons are used instead of text -- their balloon help should say "Select all" "Select none"
  • The Data Directory File browse button is moved to top, above the Directory column.
  • There's an icon-button included in the "Format" column which should raise a pop-up window that lists the available format options and what they are. For instance, Ron notes that a novice user may not know the difference between NRRD (.nrrd) and NRRD (.nhdr). So the pop-up help should clarify this. (There's a vtkSlicerPopUpHelpWidget in Slicer/Base/GUI that might be useful...)
  • Bottom button text is shortened to "Save Selected" and "Cancel".
  • Note: icon image data and icon resources (zip files) are linked below.


Modification for later when we add remote data handling includes:

  • radiobuttons to switch between Remote and Local save destination for selected guys
  • Local saving exposes an option for saving selected datasets relative to the scene file (Ron's request)


How the widget should handle data loaded in a format for which writing is not supported:


Icon image data and .h resources for the mockups above:

icon image data zip file

icon resources zip file