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Proposed modification of vtkSliceControllerWidget:

The widget below shows a read-out/entry for current fiducial; buttons for navigate-to-next-fiducial and navigate-to-previous-fiducial. Slice scrollbar is longer, and contains labels at each endpoint.


  • user can navigate forward, backward using fiducial jump buttons
  • user can enter an ordinal number (or name?) to jump to a fiducial (above, third fiducial of 12 total in the list)
  • if viewers are unlinked, only the active slice viewer is updated
  • if viewers are linked, all viewers are updated to show the slice containing the same fiducial.
  • if a viewer's slice scrollbar is adjusted, its fiducial read-out is reset to ""
  • any time a new fiducial is placed in a viewer, the fiducial read-out is updated to that (current) fiducial.

Questions about placing and moving new fiducials:

  • should placing a new fiducial in the viewer cause a jumpslice event if all viewers are linked?

Seems we may not always want to trigger this by default. A reasonable solution for this is to unlink viewers when placing fiducials if you don't want the jumpslice behavior...

  • should moving a newly placed fiducial in the viewer cause a jumpslice event if all viewers are linked? Again, seems we may not want this default behavior. And again, it seems easy enough to unlink viewers if you don't want the jumpslice behavior.
  • can we undo the creation and placement of a fiducal easily, so that while exploring the data, user can click, look, delete, and click again -- as an alternative to grabbing and moving an existing fiducial?

Questions about navigation:

  • first time navigating, we start on fiducial#1. maybe we go forward to

fiducial 10 of 20. Next time navigating, do we continue on to 11, or restart at 1?

  • Will there ever be too many fiducials to navigate?
  • should the fiducial navigation entry (read-out) also take a fiducial NAME instead of number?
  • Do we want to include other navigation options?
  • With numerous fiducials, it may be hard to tell which fiducial is the corresponding one, when navigating them. Can we color the jump-fiducial temporarily to help integrate all displays?