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= Developers /user suggestions: What do we need to pick?

At the June 2007 project week at MIT, we determined that we'll need to be able to pick several distinct things in Slicer, and the single "pick" mouse mode currently available was not going to provide the unambiguous picking functionality we need. Please add your picking needs to the list developing below. Thanks!

  • single/multiple vertices on models (for plotting, we need to be able to get the closest vertex ID)
  • single/multiple cells on models ( need to calcuate the vertex usually)
  • single/multiple points on surfaces (for placing fiducials, get RAS)
  • single/multiple models
  • model groups
  • single/multiple "nodes" in general
  • "node" groups
  • single/multiple volumes
  • single/multiple fiducials
  • single/multiple ROIs
  • tensors
  • voxels in volumes
  • slices in volumes
  • subvolumes
  • general polygons?
  • annotations?
  • two points to make a line? (this is a place operation, rather than a pick)
  • for tractography, we need to pick:
    • cell in a model (to get one fiber trajectory)
    • entire models (to pick a bundle)
    • ideally, a model group (to pick an entire structure like the corpus callosum that includes several bundles)
  • It would also be very cool to have a plane widget for 3D intersection tract selection.
  • for tractography and other things with an intermediate processing step before visualization (generation of glyphs or whatever)
    • it may be useful for picking to indicate what was picked, if several models are displayed per node
    • like: model #2 was picked, then my code can know that is a glyph model, rather than a line model, if that is ever needed.
    • this depends on the final implementation of Alex's new cool display API, whether there is ever >1 model allowed