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Fiducials GUI design revision for Slicer3.4 release

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Working design revision:

  • coarse to fine adjustment (from top to bottom)
  • consistent placement of select, delete functionality in all panels
  • consistent placement of hide/expose lock/unlock visible/invisible on all panels
  • different visual rendering of list hide/expose and fiducial visible/invisible concepts
  • different visual rendering of operations on **all** lists versus the currently selected list.
  • 'other' display properties hidden in collapsed frame to save room
  • grouping of list selector and all functionality that applies in context of 'selected' fiducial list.
  • use toggle buttons for selected list hide/expose and lock/unlock state so list state is visible at-a-glance
  • removing text titles in multicolumn where possible to leaves space for important info fidname, x,y,z...
  • removed text title from 'selected' column -- visual readout sufficient & implicit with check or uncheck.
  • same with visible column -- visual readout sufficient -- click on eye to change visibility of point
  • lock column moved to right-most of multicolumn list, -- visual readout sufficent -- (no individual control there yet)
  • tool tips enriched a bit