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Goals and Functionality

Prostate module is 3D Slicer module for MRI-guided prostate biopsy and brachy therapy.

The module is designed to provide following functionalities:

  1. workflow interface to guide a clinical procedure
  2. target points management
  3. monitor and control of the robot
  4. real-time MR imaging (control and display)

Compiling Slicer 3 with Prostate Module

Activating Prostate Module

Since the Prostate module is not stable at this moment, the module is not activated in default configuration. Following steps are required to activate the module.

In Applications/GUI/CMakeList.txt:

Remove the comment delimiter around line 216:

   ProstateNav                 <-- Here !

In Application/GUI/Slicer3.cxx

Comment out #define PROSTATENAV_DEBUG around line 90:

 //#define PROSTATENAV_DEBUG          <-- Here !

Compiling with NaviTrack

System Architecture

Slicer3 ProstateModule System Architecture.png


This project is supported by NIH 1R01CA111288-01A1 Enabling Technologies for MRI-Guided Prostate Interventions (PI: Clare Tempany).