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LONI Pipeline website.

With the release of Pipeline v4.0 in December '07, we've developed a stable and robust framework for continuing development into the future. With regards to the Slicer 3 (currently in Beta) integration, the LONI Pipeline has a complete command line interface that can be used to run workflows with dynamically bound values in addition to it's GUI interface.

 Usage: pipeline [OPTIONS] PIPEFILE [paramID1=value ... paramIDN=valueN]
   -execute            Validates then executes the specified workflow
   -validate           Just validates the specified workflow then exits
   -display            Displays all the required/enabled parameters in the
   -sync               Program will not exit until workflow finishes executing
   -credentials=FILE   Specify an XML file containing credentials to a Pipeline
                          server that will be needed for execution or validation.
                          This is not necessary if you're username and password
                          are saved in your list of connections in the graphical
                          client. Format is the following:
                          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                            <conn address=""
                                  password="secret" />
   -help               Prints out LONI Pipeline help. (this text)
   -version            Prints out the LONI Pipeline version

Using information from the Slicer3 execution model we will add support for the --xml flag to the Pipeline command line so Slicer can use the Pipeline from it's GUI. This will occur after the release of the final version of Slicer3.


  • Celia Cheung
  • Arash Payan
  • Jia Wei Tam