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Jim Miller visited 1249 for a few days. Worked with Ron, Steve, C-F, Andre, and Wendy:

  • Andre's bug with RigidRegistration. Running the command line executable and shared object versions produces different results. The macro magic that compiles the same code as an executable and shared object somehow causes them the to be built differently or there is an uninitialized variable. Refactoring the code so the executable calls the shared object (instead of compiling the same code twice) "fixes" the issue.
  • Crosshairs and slice plane intersections. Two features or one? Jim will continue on current development path.
  • Wand final integration with editor
  • Popup SliceControllerWidget
  • Slice interactor modes (with popup menu) for W/L, Pan, Zoom, Single Oblique, Double Oblique.
  • DICOM "sub" series caching, slice ordering, and limiting the number of times we parse DICOM
  • Python roadmap (SciPy, ...)
  • Bug: loading a scene with different volumes in each SliceViewer but with "link" on. When scene comes in, all the SliceViewers end up showing the volume that was assigned to a viewer last (since "link" causes that volume to propagate to all other viewers). Perhaps "link" should not be checked in the logics when loading a scene.